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I repair pendulum clocks and dynamic objects for private clients, collectors, museums, historic houses and the heritage domain

My work is consistent with international conservation organisation guidelines

I am a member of ICON, The Institute of Conservation and

York Consortium for Conservation and Craftsmanship

Clock repair guide

Clock repair normally comprises of complete disassembly of the clock movement, washing componenets in mineral spirits and reassembly using Moebius* lubricants. Occasionally, other interventions such as re-depthing mobiles is need to improve transmission or replacement of items that may be considered consumables including weight lines.  Any items removed are returned to the customer. All work is accompanied by a short written report.  A more extensive photographic and written report can be provided on request. 

*Moebius is a registered trade mark

How much does it cost?

Preparation of a written estimate or quotation is normally free.  I do charge for expenses incurred such as travel. Estimates are prepared on an individual basis, usually following a preliminary inspection of the object.  If, upon closer inspection, significantly more work is required, this will only be carried out following consultation and agreement with the client. 

full price guide is available here

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