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How to repair pendulum clocks  short course

Getting started

A go-at-your-own-pace, part-time programme spread over six, quarter day sessions, guiding you through all the stages of repairing your first clock.

Session 1  -   Introduction   Health and safety   Preparing the workspace   Record keeping

Session 2  -   Getting started with disassembly   Cleaning the case   Condition assessment

Session 3  -   Safely letting power off the mainspring

Session 4  -   Cleaning

Session 5  -   Mechanism reassembly and oiling

Session 6  -   Final reassembly, setting-up and testing

How it works

All sessions are delivered live on-line via the Zoom app.

You can book consecutive sessions or pace yourself over a longer period.  You will recieve a password protected recording of the sessions so you can re-visit anytime. All sessions are led, written and delivered by time-served professional clockmaker and conservator, Mathew Read

Download the programme outline here



Difficulty level 1+   Beginners wishing to establish skills and build confidence

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